Congratulations to Immanuel Jarvis! Newest Chairman of the Durham GOP

2015 Exec Committee

Congratulations to our new leaders!!

From left to right: Steve Sosobee, Tom Stark, R. Annie Woods, Elizabeth Gatling, Immanuel Jarvis- Durham GOP Chairman, Larry Beckler, Marilyn Flanary, Elton Futrell, and Emily Walker.

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Shaftesbury Society Luncheon with Peter Boettke

The Comparative Political Economy of a Crisis

Monday, March 30, 2015
12:00 p.m.

The John Locke Foundation, 200 W Morgan St., Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27601

Price: $10.00 (for lunch)

During times of economic crises, the public policy response is to abandon basic economic thinking and engage in ‘emergency economic’ thinking. Professor Boettke argues that basic economic reasoning can help highlight the anatomy of the 2008 financial crisis in the United States and thereby challenge the position that the free market is to blame for the economic recession. He also provides theoretical and practical reasons for economists and policy makers to never abandon the principles of basic economic reasoning even in the most extraordinary of circumstances.


Peter Boettke is a University Professor of Economics and Philosophy at George Mason University, the BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism, and the Director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at GMU.

Through an analytical framework strongly influenced by the paradigm of Austrian economics, as well as other intellectual traditions personified by thinkers in the main line of economic thought, such as Adam Smith, Jean Baptiste Say, James M. Buchanan and Elinor Ostrom, Boettke seeks to develop a robust political economy research program that expands an understanding of how individuals acting through the extended market order can effect generalized freedom and prosperity for society, and how the institutional arrangements within which economic actors find themselves can shape, reinforce, or inhibit the individual choices that lead spontaneously to sustained economic development.

Before joining the faculty at George Mason University in 1998, Boettke taught at New York University. In addition, Boettke was a National Fellow at the Hoover Institution for War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University during the 1992-1993 academic years and the F. A. Hayek Fellow in 2004 and 2006 at the London School of Economics.

Shaftesbury Luncheon talks are free and open to the public. An optional lunch is available for purchase at the event, or participants may brown bag a lunch if they choose.

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Chairman’s Notes — March 2015

Over the last few weeks, the Executive team has worked extremely hard during this transition of leadership.  While we have all been scurrying to make deadlines to the State, changing social media/website access, and capturing archived files, I’ve taken the time to reflect on the immense possibilities afforded to us.

 As Durham Republicans, we have an unique opportunity.  We get to communicate our conservative values in a local, tangible way.  We get to show the difference between real, common-sense solutions to real-life societal issues, not the quasi-conservatism that we sometimes see in Washington.

 In the next couple of weeks, our team will complete the leadership transition in conjunction with the implementation of our three core initiatives:  Enhancing the GOP Brand, Growing Our Precincts, and Engaging the Community in meaningful outreach.  At our March Executive Committee meeting, we were given the go-ahead to begin work on the brand new website.  Our goal is to have a ‘beta’ launch on May 1st for review.  In addition, we have beefed up our social media, we’re setting up a radio interview with a local talk show, and our communication committee is beginning to set up weekly correspondence to Durham’s print media.

Larry Beckler, our new 1st Vice Chairman, has been tasked with the responsibility of precinct development.  His goal is to partner with all the precincts in our County in an ultimate effort to increase our voter turnout.  We intend on using block parties and other social engagements to reach out and develop relationships with other registered Republicans so, when we call them to come out and vote during election season, they will hear a familiar voice on the other end of the line.

Lastly, with the help of the Black Republican Committee, we will plan events specifically focused on community outreach.

In addition to the email responses, the events, the meetings, and conventions, I am committed to increasing the finances of our Party.  Money is the lifeforce of our organization.  We must add to our coffers in order to broadcast our message to every corner of this county.  I ask you to join me.  If you are reading this and have not yet financially contributed monthly, we NEED you.  The task is not a big one.  We are looking for 1000 Republicans to commit to just $12 per month in giving.  Can you imagine what $12,000 per month coming into our coffers could do? Can we count on you?

Click the link below, enter your information once, and become a part of of turning Durham RED.

Contribute to the Durham Republican Party


 Immanuel Jarvis

Chairman, Durham County Republican Party

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Deneen Borelli March 28

FreedomWorks will host a political forum in Durham with Deneen Borelli, African-American best selling author of the book”BlackLash.”   Borelli  regularly appears on FOX News and Sean Hannity.

Seating is limited, please  register!  

Saturday, March 28th, 2015 

2:00pm Sharp! 

Event Location: 


3600 MtMoriah Road, Durham

light  hors-d’oeuvre will be served.










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Should We Close The NC Presidential Primary?

On Saturday March 7th, Durham Republicans will be holding our annual Precinct Meetings & County Convention.  As you no doubt know by now, we will be electing a new leadership team at this year’s convention.  I’ve served two terms and it’s time to let someone else take the helm.

County Conventions also afford us the opportunity to vote on various Resolutions.  Over the last several years, we’ve voted on a Resolution To Support the Marriage Amendment; A Resolution to Audit the Fed; A Resolution in Support of Second Amendment Rights; A Sound Money Resolution; amongst many others.  At this year’s County Convention, I plan to put a resolution before the body to support closing the 2016 Presidential Primary in North Carolina.

Thus far, I’ve talked to a handful of people about this idea.  Some folks are very much in favor of the idea.  Some folks are very much against the idea.  Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide.  The draft Resolution is below … but remember, you can only vote on this at the County Convention.  So please register today.  One more thing before you read the resolution.  If you haven’t heard from the two candidates for Chairman, Teiji Kimball & Immanuel Jarvis, they will both be speaking at next Tuesday’s Durham GOP Executive Committee meeting.  The meeting is open to all registered Republicans, so please come out to meet these two men and hear what they have to say.  The meeting details are found here.

Now, for the resolution, here’s the current draft, please let me know your thoughts:


Whereas North Carolina has evolved to have a robust two party system;

Whereas over 72% of North Carolina voters are enrolled in a political party;

Whereas xxxx voters in the most recent Presidential Primary were not enrolled in a party under North Carolina’s open primary system;

Whereas the North Carolina Presidential Primary will occur Tuesday, February 16th, which will immediately follow South Carolina’s primary;

Whereas the North Carolina Presidential Primary will be a significant primary, quite possibly deciding who the Republican nominee will be;

Whereas a closed primary selects candidates more responsive to the party, its platform and its members;

Whereas a closed Presidential Primary protects political parties freedom of association;

Whereas a closed Presidential Primary helps make voters more thoughtful, because they must choose between the two major parties in order to vote in the Presidential primaries;

Whereas a closed Presidential Primary prevents the selection being influenced by voters who otherwise do not consider themselves to be members of said party;

Whereas 12 states use a mandatory closed primary system and 9 states let political parties opt in to a closed primary system;

Resolved: That the Durham County Republican Party:

Supports a closed primary for the Presidential Primary Elections and

Recommends that the North Carolina Republican Party, the General Assembly and the Governor take steps to study this issue and amend the North Carolina General Statues to provide for closed Presidential Primaries.

The Chairman is authorized to forward this Resolution to the four Congressional Districts which include Durham for consideration at their District Conventions, as well as the North Carolina Republican Party for consideration at their State Convention, as well as to the North Carolina Legislature and the North Carolina Governor for their consideration.

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What’s Next? – A Memo From Chairman Hicks

A little more than a week ago, we hosted our annual Lincoln Douglass Commemoration.  If you weren’t able to make the event, you sure missed a great one!  As far as I’m concerned, it was the best event we’ve hosted during my tenure as Chairman – and we’ve hosted some pretty amazing events these last four years.

When the Events Planning Committee convened to plan this event, we wanted to see if we could attract as large an audience as we did for the A Night To Stand With Israel event back in November.  We had approximately 300 people attend the Israel event, and we got fantastic reviews.  Could we approach those numbers and those reviews again?

In short, the answer is “yes”.  We had ~250 people in attendance at this year’s Lincoln Douglass Commemoration and the feedback that we’ve gotten indicates that the event was a resounding success.  The Chairman of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People was in attendance.  He spoke very highly of the event.  We’ve heard from two different folks from Congressman Walker’s office.  It’s clear that he thought very highly of the event, specifically commenting that he had never been to an event as diverse as ours.  NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmonds called me last week echoing the praises I’ve been hearing from others.  Our keynote speaker himself also spoke very highly of the evening.

We established a few key objectives for this event.  First, we wanted to achieve an attendance figure that would approach 300.  Since we were going to give the two Candidates for Chairman an opportunity to address the audience, we wanted as large an audience as possible so as to help these two gentlemen reach as many people as possible with their message / vision.  We also felt that a large Lincoln Douglass audience would help drive a large Convention attendance.

Second, we wanted to do everything possible to try to attract non-Republicans to the event.  While our Lincoln Douglass event is usually our biggest fundraiser, we realized that charging an admission discourages non-Republicans from attending.  It dawned on us that if we want to broaden our reach, if we want to spread our message to folks who may not ordinarily tune in to what we have to say, we need to do everything possible to eliminate as many barriers as possible.  In the past, we’ve tried offering “scholarships” to folks who may not be able to pay or who may not really want to pay.  But we recognized that if we simply removed the price of admission, we’d probably attract an even greater audience.  All evidence points to the fact that the team got this decision right.  The attendance was the largest we’ve had for a purely political event and the audience was definitely not all Republicans!  Did I mention that the Chairman of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People came?  (More on this in a minute.)

Finally, we wanted to break even.  While this event is usually our biggest fundraiser, the Events Planning Committee agreed that it was more important to reach an audience that we may not otherwise reach than it was to try to raise a little money.  At last check, we are still ~$750 away from breaking even for the event.  So if you are able, we humbly ask that you consider making a financial gift.  You can do so by making a secure contribution by clicking here … and feel free to make a recurring gift.  ;-)  Next Tuesday, the Durham GOP Executive Committee will convene for our monthly meeting and I would love to be able to report that between now and then you came through with enough donations to bring us back to a break-even on this event.  If you are able to come through for us, we will be able to report that we met all three of our key objectives for this function.

Now while I very much would like for us to pick up these last few dollars to break even, it is important to note that even if we don’t, I think your money – for, after all, we only have financial resources because you gave up some of yours – was very well spent.

As I mentioned above, the Events Planning Committee realized that our events are typically designed for our base and, as a result, we end up preaching to the choir.  This event, however, was designed with a different model in mind.  We wanted to be able to convey our message to folks who typically don’t have the opportunity to hear directly from us.  In other words, their impression of the Republican Party is almost exclusively shaped by the mass media.  All indications point to the fact that there was a significant number of people in attendance who do not typically attend political functions at all.  We also know that there were some in attendance who do not typically attend Republican functions.  And based on the feedback that we received, we made a very positive impression on both of these groups of people.  And, if we’re going to move the needle in Durham politics, isn’t this what we need to be doing?

So where do we go from here?

Well, if you were at the Lincoln Douglass Commemoration, you know that I’ve laid out a vision for obtaining a used RV for the Durham GOP to use in our outreach and engagement.  I’ve affectionately dubbed the RV, “MOM”, for Magnificent Outreach Mobile.  Since I’ve been Chairman, I’ve always had (and still do, by the way) the vision for a permanent head-quarters for the Durham County Republican Party.  A permanent HQ accomplishes many things for us, however, it was at the 2014 North Carolina Republican Party Convention that Lt. Governor Dan Forest made me realize some of the shortcomings of a fixed head-quarters.  Furthermore, he made me realize some of the huge benefits of having a mobile command center.  Think about it.  With a Durham GOP RV, wrapped in our brand image, we would have a billboard moving about the county.  When the Durham GOP’s Black Republican Committee does their annual school supply drive for Durham school children in need, they could do the drive from our Durham GOP RV.  When we show up en masse to the Durham Rescue Mission to serve the homeless, let us show up in our Durham GOP RV.  If we want to do some voter outreach in your precinct, let us do it from our Durham GOP RV.  When we show up to the CenterFest Arts Festival, let us show up in our Durham GOP RV.  When we participate in the NCCU Homecoming Parade, or the Bahama Ruritan Christmas Parade, or the Durham MLK Day Parade, let our float be pulled by the Durham GOP RV.

Every time I’ve had an opportunity to fully lay out the vision for our MOM (Magnificent Outreach Mobile), I’ve found very positive responses to the vision.  In essence, MOM is going to help us bypass the media and allow us to take our message directly to the voters of Durham County.  I’m convinced that this will be a game changer.

The good news is that this vision is very realistic.  Based on our preliminary research, we believe we can get this vision realized with as little as $20,000, which really isn’t a huge sum.  If every Republican in Durham simply made a $1 contribution, we’d have the finances we need to get MOM on the road.

Short of a miracle – and I’d love to see you guys make this miracle happen – MOM isn’t going to get on the road during my tenure.  It’s going to be up to the next Chairman to turn this vision into reality.

With that said, allow me to remind you how important it is for you to attend the 2015 Durham GOP County Convention.  We have two fine gentlemen running, but it’s up to you to decide who is going to lead the Party for the next two years.  When I was elected in 2011, there were only 87 delegates eligible to vote.  (There were about 100 people in attendance but only 87 were duly registered delegates eligible to vote.)  My goal for this year’s county convention is to see closer to 200 people, make that 200 delegates in attendance.  So, what does it take to be an eligible voting delegate?  I’m glad you asked.  In short, if you were registered as a Republican voter in Durham prior to January 31st of this year, you are eligible to be a delegate to the County Convention.  If you meet that criteria, all you need to do now is show up!  (We’d prefer you register in advance for lots of reasons, but by golly at least show up!)

Folks, this is your chance to really have a say in the direction of your local County Republican Party.  Whether we have 87 delegates or 200 delegates, the simple fact is that your vote is the most magnified at the County Convention.  So please, register to attend.

In closing, allow me to encourage you to do your research on the two candidates.  A couple of weeks ago, we posted an introduction to the candidates here and here.  They have recently submitted their second campaign piece for your review.  You can find those pieces here and here.  Please read what they have to say and plan to vote for one of them at the 2015 County Convention.

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Immanuel Jarvis’s 2nd Campaign Piece

My name is Immanuel Jarvis, your candidate for Chairman of the Durham Republican Party.  One of the many responsibilities of this position will be to act as the chief fundraiser for the organization.  In order to adequately inform, enlighten, and encourage like-minded Durham residents must have resources to thrust our message past the biased media into the hearts and minds of our citizens.  Without finances it is difficult to successfully support campaigns for conservative candidates.  Without finances it is difficult to engage the 28,000 registered Republicans in Durham.  Without finances it is difficult to spread our message of liberty and limited government to those who may have never heard it.

Two decades of an accomplished sales background supports my goal of bringing thousands of new dollars into our party. Throughout my career, I have had success in sales and marketing.  As a young man, I began in sales as a telemarketer. I enjoyed discussing products and services over the phone, and my paycheck quickly reflected it. I was often recognized as a top performer and was quickly promoted. Later, I  worked as an Account Executive selling telecommunication solutions to local businesses. I regularly earned top honors in sales.  Focusing on communication skills such as listening, problem solving, and asking for the sale accelerated my growth. Prior to opening our own business, I led my previous employer’s division as a Operations Manager to double-digit sales growth for six years in a row. Regardless of the product or service, regardless of the mode of sales, I have a proven track record of success.

As the chief fundraiser for the Durham GOP, I will utilize my position and experience to bring increased funds into our party. My plan is to engage potential donors inside as well as outside the county to help us broadcast our message and build our ranks. I ask for your vote on March 7th at the Durham County Republican Convention.

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Teiji Kimball’s 2nd Campaign Piece

My name is Teiji Kimball and I am running for Chairman of the Durham County Republican Party.  One might believe that I am insane for running for the highest office for the Party in the County, but I am running because I believe that we can make a positive difference in the lives of the citizens of Durham County.

We make that difference by having a willingness to share our passions through word and deed.  The passion of an individual’s right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  The willingness to not only share that message, but to help those who have lost the light of the Constitutional flame and have fallen into despair because of under or unemployment, poor educational options due to a thought process of just throwing money at a problem will make it go away, or the current thought that government, whether local, state, or federal is the solution to all of life and society ills.

We, as Republicans, have held the Constitutional torch high through word and deed from President Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, or the thousands of anti-slavery activist who formed the party in 1854 in Jackson, Michigan.  It was a Republican controlled 38th Congress that passed the 13th amendment abolishing slavery.  It was with unanimous Republican support and against Democratic opposition that the 14th amendment was passed protecting the rights of citizenship in general by prohibiting a state from depriving a person of life, liberty, or property. It was a Republican controlled Congress that passed the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing a woman’s right to vote. And lastly, it was Republicans that led the fight that struck down segregation in our public schools in the case of Brown versus the Board of Education.

It was Republicans that signed in the 1957 Civil Rights Act and Republicans that broke the filibuster by the Democrats to get the 1964 Civil Rights act to the floor for a vote. We, as Republicans, have so many firsts in American History leading the way to the vision of America being the home of the free and land of the brave.  The first African-American Governor, first woman in Congress, first Asian and Hispanic Americans in the Senate, first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, first African American man and Woman as Secretary of State. We have a rich and proud heritage but we can no longer sit on the laurels of our past while the Progressive movement defines our present.
We must seize the opportunity here in Durham County, North Carolina; to prove to our community that we remember the fight for human rights and individual freedom.  The right that any parent should have, to move their child from a failing school to a successful school whether it be county or charter.  The right for our teachers to be creative in the classroom and think outside the box in order to educate our children.  The right of our children to expect the best from the educational system so they can pursue their dreams. The right for our children to be able to play in their neighborhoods without fear of harm or losing their lives.  The right of our citizens to have an opportunity to better themselves in order to have life, liberty and pursue their personal happiness.

To pursue this vision takes a leader that has been through the experience.  This is not an on-the-job training position in Durham County.  It will take clear, concise, and proven leadership to accomplish this in Durham County.  It will take someone who understands the political landscape and achieves the goals despite the Progressive opposition. It will take someone who will be the voice for the voiceless, the worker when there is no other, and the one who looks for solutions rather than problems.

I am that leader who, as a first generation American, helped my mother study and pass her US citizenship exam. A leader that volunteered for the Army Reserve to be activated in support of Desert Shield/Desert Storm and received three Army Commendation Medals for leadership.  A leader who despite having just a GED rose to a level of leadership at IBM that garnered awards and eventually a Suma Cum Laude Bachelors of Science Degree in Business. The father of four children who have grown into adults that lead.  Whether it be in management of a development, patent agent for inventions dealing with the heart, Investigator for the Durham Police Department, or 2nd Lt. In the North Carolina National Guard, I, and their mother, have taught them to lead by being leaders.

I am that leader that served as the Secretary of the Durham Republican Party as the only active member of my community. A leader who is 3rd Vice Chair of the 6th Congressional District of North Carolina. The leader as the first Republican to serve on the Durham Planning Commission in over a decade to fight for truly affordable housing for people, so they can walk to their places of employment.  I have taken the lead to fight for jobs in the fight for smart developmental growth in Durham in the legislative chambers in Raleigh and have fought for our senior citizens who live in the rural parts of our great county to have a local senior center and services in the chambers of the Durham County Commissioners.  All of these fights and activities are well documented in the local press but it was not done for the publicity.  It was not done to see my name plastered across the front pages of the Herald-Sun.

I did it because it was the right thing to do despite the crude and ignorant rants from the Progressive Left, or those who just did not understand the bondage that they were in. I did it because I follow an example of servant leadership that has stood the test of time itself.
I am running because I believe we as Republicans have a passion and a responsibility to hold fast to our dream which is imbedded in the American Dream.  A dream that has built this great nation based on a unique document governing our great nation, state, and county. It is time that we rekindle our God-given talents to help those who think that they are helpless, to raise up those who are downtrodden with a hand-up, and to do for the least of these that we might write a new story of how great the Republicans are in our community.

My name is Teiji Kimball.  I am an American, a North Carolinian, a Durhamite, and I am a proud Republican.  I ask for your support and your vote for Chairman of the Durham County Republican Party at our Convention on March 7th.  God bless you all and thank you for your listening ear.

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Durham GOP February Executive Committee Meeting, February 17th

Tuesday, February 17th, 7pm
Mt. Zion Christian Church
3519 Fayetteville St, Durham 27707.

The Executive Committee Meetings are open to all registered Durham County Republicans.

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Who Will Be The Next Chairman?

The Durham County Republican Party elects leadership every two years at our County Convention.  This year’s convention, to be held Saturday March 7th, will bring my second term to a close.  As such, one of the many important pieces of business we will be addressing at this year’s convention is the election of a new Chairman.

The two announced candidates for Chairman are Immanuel Jarvis & Teiji Kimball.  While both gentlemen have been active on our Black Republican Committee these last couple of years, you may not know both of them.  So I’d like to encourage you to take a look at these messages from them.  You will find Immanuel’s article here.  You will find Teiji’s article here.

Please spend time reading each of the two candidates’ articles.  Who leads the Durham County Republican Party for the next two years is up to you.

After reading each of the candidates’ position paper, please make sure you register for the upcoming FREE Lincoln Douglass Commemoration, which will be Friday, January 30th at 6:00 pm.  Please register for this event now.  We are expecting a large crowd.  The evening’s keynote speaker will be E. W. Jackson, the 2013 Republican candidate for Virginia’s Lt. Governor.  Here’s a YouTube video of his acceptance speech from the Virginia Republican Party’s Convention, if you watch it, I think you’ll anticipate a rousing speech at our event later this month.

That said, the only way you’ll be able to vote for your favorite Candidate for Chairman is by attending the 2015 County Convention.  Go ahead and register for the convention by clicking here.

If you want to elect a Republican President in 2016, it is our duty to build the Durham County Republican Party in 2015.  We need you.

Patriotically & Conservatively Yours,

C. Theodore Hicks II
Chairman, Durham County Republican Party

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